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I've been writing about YOUR future, and asking

What can you know about YOUR future? What can you DO about your future?

My new book, It's YOUR Future... Make it a Good One! shows you how to answer those questions and more!


 Futurists , businesses and governments around the world have been using methods for decades that let them understand, explore and plan for the future. More important, they have learned how to influence and change the future. Now those methods have been scaled down to be used by individuals, families, and small businesses. The methods that large businesses have been using successfully for decades are now available to you.

It's YOUR Future... Make it a Good One! is a step-by-step guide to understanding your life and your future. More important, this book will show you how to prepare for and achieve the future you want.

The methods explained in this book are the same methods used by futurists and large organizations around the world. Here, they are scaled down to fit the life of one individual or one family, starting with the stages of life. Understanding those life stages can be like having a map to your future. 

Each method and tool for understanding or exploring your future is explained in detail and used in examples to look ahead into the long term  (ten years or more) future.

There is also another way to use this book, and that is to specifically learn about the methods of foresight and futures studies including scenario development, visioning and strategic planning. There are advantages to learning these methods on a personal level, because these methods scale up, so readers can understand how these methods work and how they work together in any size organization.

An important benefit of this book is that in reading the book and learning the methods of foresight, you will also be acquiring a long term perspective, a view of life and the world that naturally includes the future. A long term perspective is a valuable personal attribute, one of the most sought after attributes of leadership.

You will learn how to create scenarios about future events, how to interpret and understand the trends and forces that shape your life and change the world around you. Read the first chapter (see next page), then order the book, either from this web site or at your favorite on-line book store.

Verne Wheelwright, PhD.

Since My Name is On this Web Site...
 I will start with some introduction for those of you who don't know me and an update for old friends who have happened upon this page.
Since 1976, I have owned my own business, engaged in exporting various commodities to many parts of the world. In 1997, I went back to school--first to study for an MBA, then a change of plans because I found what I had always needed in business; a way to understand and anticipate the future. In 2000 I received an MS in Studies of the Future from the University of Houston Clear Lake.
I was impressed with the success of the methods I had learned, but felt they should be available to everyone, not just large organizations. With that in mind, I went on to do research to make futurist's methods available to anyone who wanted to use them, preferably at very low or no cost. For that research, I received a PhD. and since have been writing and speaking about Personal Futures in many parts of the world.
For those of you who found this website and are wondering if this is the right Verne Wheelwright, I grew up in the Pacific Northwest; first in Grangeville, Idaho, then in the Portland, Oregon area (Milwaukie and Tigard). I raised two boys, Peter (deceased) and Chris (Police officer in Portland), then moved to Texas in 1985.
My interests in Personal Futuring and writing grew, and I eventually retired my export business in 2008 to devote full time to writing, speaking, and conducting workshops about Personal Futures. Lots of examples on this web site. Not all the writing has been about the future, as I have written and published a number of short stories, which you will find on another page.
If you are looking specifically for information about Personal Futures, most of that information is at www.personalfutures.net.

Now Available in Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and Turkish!

It's YOUR Future... has been translated into Spanish, Japanese, Arabic, and Turkish and is now available at www.Amazon.com and most other on-line bookstores.

O Senin Gelecegin is the Turkish title, translated by Ufuk Tarhan and Fusun Kilicturgay, with a forward by Ufuk Tarhan. Books are available at Amazon and Kindle, worldwide.

Es TU Futuro is the Spanish title, translated by Dra. Guillermina Baena Paz and Psic. Alethia Berenice Montero, with a forward by Dra. Baena Paz. The Japanese translations of It's YOUR future and the workbook were done by futurist Kazuo Mizuta, and the Arabic translation was written by Yahia Elhassan Eltahir.

Other translations are underway.

Clicking THIS LINK will take to the page where you can purchase any of these versions of It's YOUR Future... Make it a Good One!

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There is a list of blogs, written by futurists about the future on this site. The list includes more than 230 different blogs, and seems to grow every month. Check the page listing on the upper left, then take a look. LOTS of information about the future. All links should be live, but occasionally that changes, so let me know if a link fails. If you author a blog related to the future, email me at verne@personalfutures.net so I can add your blog to the list!