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For information about Personal Futures, personal futures planning, life stages, personal strategic planning, please visit The Personal Futures Network at http://www.personalfutures.net .
At the Personal Futures Network site, you will be able to download copies (free) of the Personal Futures Workbook, available in English, Spanish and German.

Personal Futures
Personal futuring is based on the same methods that large organizations have been using very successfully for decades, including the development of scenarios, visioning and strategic planning. I have simply scaled those methods down to fit the lives of individuals and their families. There are a lot of good tools that work with these methods which are describe in the book and the workbooks.
You will be surprised how much you can learn about the future, as well as the extent to which you can apply the futurist's methods to your everyday life. You will also be surprised how a long term perspective can change the way you think, work. and live. It is certainly worth investing some time learning about your future and the changes that are coming in your life.
Since recorded history began, people have wanted to know about their future. Now they can, and so can you!
It's YOUR Future... Make it a Good One! is a great place to start. You can buy this book in paperback or eBook on this site, at Amazon.com, at the Apple bookstore, and at most online bookstores.
But there is a lot more, including free workbooks and ideas about your personal goals and values on my web site, www.personalfutures.net. The best known of these free PDF downloads is The Personal Futures Workbook, available in English, Spanish and German, but there is also a workbook for small business, Small Business Foresight.

Blogs about Personal Futures

I write two blogs about Personal futures. One blog is on the World Future Society web site at
http://www.wfs.org/blogs/verne-wheelwright . I try to update this blog monthly.

The other blog is on Blogspot at

I try to update this blog monthly as well. Both blogs are related to personal futures, but sometimes the blog is just about something that interests me or something that has happened in my life. Check them out, you may find them interesting!

A Recent Interview on Blog Talk Radio

Recently I was interviewed on Blog Talk Radio by Dr. Robert Rose on his show  "Rewiring Your Brain". Just click on the arrow to hear the interview.

Listen to internet radio with REWIRING YOUR BRAIN on Blog Talk Radio

For more information about Personal Futures...


Clicking on this line will take you to the Personal Futures Network where you will find considerable information about personal futuring along with PDF workbooks that you can download (free). This site will open in a new window.

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