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Comments from readers and participants

It’s YOUR Future… Make it a Good One!

“Very thorough, very interesting. My compliments” Netherlands

“Many thanks. It is great!” Istanbul

“You have applied all professional futures stuff into a personal mold. Must have cost lots of time. Very impressive.” Netherlands

“Congratulations and good luck with your new book.” South Africa

“In the introduction to his latest book… Wheelwright offers one of the most succinct explanations of the difference between prediction and foresight.” Florida

Personal Futures Workbook

“Congratulations! Very useful, good graphics, etc.”  Cincinnatti

“I thank the Lord for the good work you are doing globally.” Ghana

I wish you would write a book on personal futures. It would be an instant best seller because [of] your cutting edge material.” San Pedro

This is terrific stuff!  I am looking forward to reading your thesis.  Congratulations too on your openness!” Tasmania

“…very refreshing! Tasmania

“I am going to use your methodology for my oldest daughter. We will plan future in New Year.”  Moscow

“Thanks for sharing these resources with me.” Melbourne

“Thank you so much for this valuable resource.” Colorado Springs

“Thank you for your work. I can’t wait to share it with my students.” Clearwater

“Cool!!” Austin

“I’m a teacher in political sciences in Mexico, and very interested in your workbook.” Mexico City

“I appreciate the time and valuable information you have provided.” Meadville

“It is such a great volume of knowledge. Thank you for such a great sharing.” Nairobi

“Wow.” Cooya Beach

“Thanks from a fellow futurist!” Sydney

Thank you for this information. After using it myself I hope to use it with a group of high school age males, juniors and seniors, in a 16 week program 100 Black Men of Indianapolis hosts each fall through April.” Indianapolis

PF Workshop or presentation

“In delivering the seminar, Verne demonstrated the depth of his knowledge in this area and his ability to take a number of rather academic concepts and make them relevant to my situation. I would definitely recommend Personal Futures seminars if you want to guide your life into a more desirable future.” UK

“I was very impressed with your presentation.” California

Your Personal Future: A Step-by-Step Guide (The Futurist)

“…your excellent article in the Futurist.”

“Your recent article in The Futurist was excellent, a great guide for those wanting to develop a plan for the future.” Australia

“It is the type of article that should have a much wider audience than just those in the futures field.” Australia

“I have started using the ideas of the article with my 16 year old son, and he is now thinking differently about where his future may lie, so thank you for that.” Australia

“Congratulations on your insights. I suggest that one of the greatest applications of your work is for careers advising in senior schools. At present many students know how to choose their profession and have limited appreciation of the phases we all go through, tracking between a series of careers, relationships, geographic locations and other dimensions of personal development. Adapting your method to this context would remove some of the agony facing school leavers who assume they only have one chance at choosing a successful trajectory in life and it has to be made now!” Canberra

“In my opinion, what you are doing is to propose a way to overcome our mental limitations to design our future increasing the possibility of success.”  Spain

Review on blog: “The central philosophy of the author is to show you how to think like a futurist & use this model to learn more about your personal future(s).” Singapore

Web site comment: "Futuring methodologies have been in use by companies and administrations for ages. Wheelwright proposes an easy way to make the best use of this knowledge to personal level.” Spain

“I read your Personal Futuring article. It was very good.” Tehran

“I enjoyed reading your insightful article…” Canada

Web site

“I have found your web site very rewarding.” Kuala Lampur

“Great web site! I am in the process of looking at improving my life and I came across your site.It is a great help. Thank you.”

“Keep up with the great work!” Singapore

These are very useful info to develop one’s personal development plan. Thank you!” Kuala Lampur

“What an interesting web site! Thanks for sharing with me.  As someone who is thinking forward to retirement I would like to be “a futurist” in my approach for those times and get a plan.” Texas

“I’m quite impressed about this site, actually, I’ve learnt a great deal.” Accra

“I just want to thank you for this web site. It has come at the right point in my life and is a revelation. Highly pragmatic and gives a solid framework to think about my own personal future. “ Melbourne


“…yours is an incredible advance of the field.” Antioch

The author: Verne Wheelwright, Ph.D.

Professional Biography for Verne Wheelwright, Ph.D. 

Verne Wheelwright, PhD. is an internationally recognized professional in the field of Foresight and Futures Studies. He is the author of It’s Your Future… Make it a Good One! and The Personal Futures Workbook. He has published articles in a number of professional journals and other publications. Wheelwright has conducted workshops and addressed audiences in major cities across the U.S. He has also spoken to audiences internationally, including Turkey, Denmark, Australia, Japan, Canada and other countries.

In 2006, Wheelwright was awarded a PhD. from Leeds Metropolitan University for his groundbreaking research in the application of futures methods to individual lives. That research led to the development of The Personal Futures Workbook, which provides detailed worksheets and explanations that lead individuals through the same futuring process used successfully by major businesses and institutions worldwide for decades. The workbook was tested in workshop settings, then made available to the general public as a free download at Wheelwright’s web site, www.personalfutures.net. The workbook has been translated into several languages and is used as a text in colleges and universities.

Wheelwright has just published his current book, It’s Your Future… Make it a Good One!  which offers a detailed description and explanation of how futures methods can be effectively applied to one’s  personal life. The book offers insights into how futures methods work and is intended to help individuals develop a long term perspective not only in their personal lives but also in their careers. The book is written to be useful to people of all ages, from teenagers to octogenarians.

Wheelwright earned his Master’s degree in Studies of the Future at the University of Houston, Clear Lake and a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Oregon.

Wheelwright is an active member of the Association of Professional Futurists, a professional member of the World Future Society and a member of the World Future Studies Federation. His business and personal travels have taken him to over fifty different countries, offering him insights and  an awareness of worldwide cultures that underlies his approach to Foresight and Futures Studies. He and his wife now live in the Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.


Publications by Verne Wheelwright

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Thesis / Dissertation

(2006) Personal Futures: Foresight & Futures Studies for Individuals. 1-278. PhD Dissertation, Leeds Metropolitan University, Faculty of Business and Law.

(2000) Professionalization of Futurists: Plausible Scenarios for the Future. Master’s Thesis. University of Houston Clear Lake, School of Studies of the Future.


Blog at www.wfs.org

Blog at www.yourpersonalfuture.blogspot.com

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